Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Reviving the blog!

it's June, summer is at our doors and I decided it's time to blog again..

For those of you who do not know,  we now live in Dallas, TX! The move was crazy, especially with the pregnancy but so far seems like everyone is handling it well. Ayah adjusted easily to the new place and the new school but she misses her friends in CA. Every now and then she would say something like "When we go back to CA, I want to go play with so and so.."

The baby is very active! The Dr. says it's a good sign of a healthy baby so I should definitely count my blessings. However, she moves so much that I think on a daily basis that I am going into labor!! I am physically ready but not ready AT ALL with everything else.  I finally started a small registry and realized how many things babies need! I guess 4 years can make you forget!

Alright .. this is it for today..
Love you all

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