Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer School!

We started summer school yesterday, and let me tell you Ayah was not very happy when we got there!!

I feel so bad for her because she finally got used to her new classmates, teachers, ..etc and now she's faced with new teachers, new kids, new everything. All in all she's coping very well, but it doesn't stop the guilt feelings I have over it.. so much emotional turmoil for a 4 yr old to deal with! Unfortunately, when you're a working mom, there isn't much you can do about it, I just try to spend time with her when she's home and do fun stuff ..

I want to go lay by the pool and relax .. the weather is so nice outside for that .. but I am tired again today.  I don't sleep well. I honestly don't know how people decide to have a 3rd kid. I am soooo done with being pregnant. I want my body and energy back!

Levi's b-day is tomorrow! I didn't do much like I normally would .. but he understands.  It's his fault after all that I am tired all the time :) 

ok vent over .. back to work!

love you all!

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