Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Fake friend

I came across this today (don't ask me why!) and it made me laugh at how silly the illustrations are, but also sad that I have couple of people in my life that fit this to a T!!

How to Identify a False Friend

I don't talk to my friends on a daily basis but when I read this I realized that even if a month goes by without me talking to my true friends, they never failed me in #1, 2 or 3 .. While I know of others who I definitely considered friends that failed me every time .. yeah definitely time for me to do some clean up! 

Ok on a happier note, bedrooms are finally done! next on the list, dining room set!

Ayah's last preschool day is Fri!!  We did it .. I can't believe that the year is over. We have a fun party at school tomorrow to celebrate their BIG accomplishments!

Baby is good and active .. we're almost at 32 weeks!!

love you all!

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